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There are some Frequently Asked Questions that we often hear from potential clients and perhaps we can answer those for you here, just to get you started:

What services should we expect to be able to get accomplished with a licensed landscape contractor?

The landscape contractor's license is a "specialty" license that has the broadest list of elements that can legally be contracted to one firm, other than that of a "general contractor". The State License Board has determined that, basically, if the element to be done is outside the footprint of your home, your landscape contractor can provide those services. This can run the full gamut from simple installation of lawns to installing decks, walls, stone work, lighting, drainage, outdoor kitchens, water features, fire pits, and truly almost anything your dream includes.

Why hire a licensed contractor; won't that be more expensive?

Absolutely. The reason a licensed firm is more expensive is that they are LEGAL! They have an overhead burden that an "unlicensed operator" does not, simple as that. There are, of course, other differences: the employees are not paid cash under the table, thus avoiding taxes that support the infrastructure of your community; the employees are more likely to be well-trained, well-equipped, and with a longer history of working as a "team". Of course, the most important consideration is that the consumer has ZERO protection from injuries or damages or poor workmanship by giving into the temptation of "saving some dollars" on their investment. Another "absolutely" .... no protection.

Can't we just have our gardener do this work?

Sure, there are aspects of a landscape installation that can usually be safely done by your gardener ("maintenance") service. They could very well be used for "the basics", such as color enhancement planting, soil amendment improvement, pruning and trimming, new lawn installations, irrigation repairs. However, "landscaping" a property properly takes many years of experience as the tasks are so diverse and there are often construction elements that a gardener does not have full knowledge of and can not legally perform.

Our intended project seems pretty basic and small; why hire a licensed firm?

Your project would have to be "pretty small"! By law, if the cost of your project is in excess of $600, your service firm must be licensed.